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Custom geobasemaps not show in compiled application.
HI, You can use a local http server to serve the map tiles. There are several implementations, such as Apache. You can search ...

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Visualizations of Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Concentration
This example illustrates how to obtain and use data from the Copernicus Climate Data Store to map sea ice concentration.

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Landsat8 Data Explorer
Explore USGS Landsat8 data hosted by Amazon Web Services

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Map a region using data from a shapefile or data grid.

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Problems with showing geolocated data with geoshow. Error in Zdata
You can explicitly tell geoshow to treat your data as a surface. Try either of these commands: geoshow(lat,lon,cot,'Di...

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Geotiffread & getting latlon info
Here is updated code to adress this request using recent (R2022a) features in Mapping Toolbox: %% Read image file using readgeo...

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Why do I get a border without an image when saving and image as tiff after using geoshow?
I don't have sufficient information from your question to give a precise answer to it, but I can provide some insight into some ...

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