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Raj Sodhi

Agilent. Technologies

Last seen: 2년 이상 전 2010년부터 활동

Got hooked on Matlab 15 years ago, and have been learning new techniques and analysis techniques ever since.
Professional Interests: electronics, numerical computing and estimation


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How to save struct data from struct to excel?
In some cases you have a struct as an element of a struct. So I found it necessary to find only those an output those to the Ex...

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struct to excel data saving
I found that my struct had sub-structs and those structs had arrays within those elements. So I wrote a little better solution ...

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Analytic Circuit Solver
Reads in text netlist and uses symbolic toolbox to provide transfer function in analytic form.

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Russell Index Member Companies
Downloads PDF file from to get Russell Index member companies.

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24 Game Solver
Solves Chinese Math Game of 24

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iPod Scramble Solution
Solves the Scramble game (like Boggle) by Zynga on my iPod.

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