Benedictor Alexander Nguchu

Tianjin University of Technology and Education

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Benedictor Alexander Nguchu was born in Ruangwa-Lindi,Tanzania ,East Africa in June 1989.He attained Bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication in 2013 from University of Dar es salaam.He worked for almost 1 year in National Identification Authority in Tanzania before joining Tianjin University of Technology and Education for Master's degree in Signal and Information Processing Engineering since September 2014. His research interest include Biomedical based on computer vision,Pattern recognition,Artificial neural networks,intelligence systems ,Algorithms development and Digital signal processing



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i am working with matlab R2015a and i would like to use functions available in 2015b, how can i get the gabor function files from the 2015b?
how can i get gabor function from matlab 2015b if i am using matlab of 2015a

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