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Import Keras Tensorflow Model into Simulink
Hi, Is it possible to use this method to generate code for a microcontroller in c / c ++? Thank you.

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Data Store Memory Block in Simulink r2020b, the code generation section does not appear
No aparece la sección de generación de código para elegir el ámbito de la variable. Es un error grosero, ya que no puedo generar...

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Simulink with Modbus TCP in the Realtime Machine
Hi, I need Simulink Modbus blocks for code generator,that is, generate code to implement modbus in microcontrollers, using sim...

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Simulink IDDATA Sink block does not work properly
Hi, It does not set the name or units of the input signals when generating the iddata structure for identification. We have to ...

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Reset Stateflow chart externally
Hi, I'm with a similar question. I am implementing a modbus for code generation to a PIC18. The problem I have is that I can not...

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How to declare a persistent variable whose scope is Output in stateflow?
I have the same question.

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CPU at 100% forever afterl use Simulink Real Time Kernel
Hi, my CPU run at 100%, and never stop. In this precise moment, I'm writing this question with the machine recently power on and...

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