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How to implement error port for AUTOSAR receiver interface inport like suggested by Model Advisor check "mathworks.misra.AutosarReceiverInterface"
The following steps will remove the warning. Add the required error port to the model. Open the Code Mappings Editor (https://...

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Why the Model Advisor does not flag Switch Case blocks that do not use integer data types or enumeration values for inputs?
This issue has been fixed in MATLAB R2018b.

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How do features from 'license' correspond to names from 'ver'
You can use the following commands to list the features available as per your license: text = fileread(fullfile(matlabroot,'lic...

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Where can I find the MATLAB logo in my MATLAB installation?
I wanted to create a desktop launcher for MATLAB in Debian. So, is there a logo available along with the installation, rather th...

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