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modern MATLAB ubuntu/linux compiler support
gcc 9 should work fine. There is no abi breakage change between 6 and 9. At least for MATLAB Coder, we don't enforce gcc versio...

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MSVC2017 32-bit compiler considered as not supporting OpenMP library
Hi Jean-Alain, To support OpenMP, toolchain needs to contain an OpenMP setion. In my_msvc_32bit_tc add something like this: o...

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Using Relative Paths with Matlab Coder
Hi Hamza, Post codegen command might be a way to do it here.

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MEX compiler 'Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019 for C++ with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017' is not supported.
MATLAB Coder compiles the code for you, unless you select generate code only. Is there any specific reason you want to use mex ...

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Matlab Coder Stand Alone Executable Linking Third Party Libs
Hi Nurullah, -lcurl should be a linker flag instead of compiler flag. So change the line to coder.updateBuildInfo('addLinkFla...

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MATLAB coder settings for generating code for external project c/c++
There is no such feature at this point. Is there any reason you want everything in one header? Thanks

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Linking issue with Matlab Coder....
Hi Arwel, Can you check whether '/home/arwel/Documents/coding/multinestEdits/eggboxOnly/MultiNest_v3.10_eggboxOnly/multinest_...

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Bug in MATLAB mex file generation from generic C++ code
This is a bug in MATLAB Coder and will be fixed in the 18a release. To workaround this issue in current release you can modif...

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