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(Enhancement Request)how to Create data files that the generated code reads at run time to support C/C++ code generation?
Thanks for letting us know that you would like this functionality! We will use this request to prioritize this feature in the...

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Best Ways to Save Objects with Coder Support
Unfortunately, Coder doesn't have any good tools for this (aside from fwrite/fprintf). This is a common problem, and we know tha...

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Cannot Use MATLAB Coder to Generate C
I think your best option is to use a combination of fscanf and fgetl, both of which are supported for code generation. The be...

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Error: Grid values must be strictly increasing- interp2 function MATLAB Coder
As Mukund said, the issue is that your grid points must be monotonic and increasing. In your case, SOCgrid is decreasing. I am n...

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