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Sliding window minimum and maximum filter
function [minVals,maxVals] = minmaxfilt1(vector,nhoodSz) vector = vector(:); if nhoodSz < 3 || ~floor(mod(nhoodSz,2)) ...

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ECC registration 100x faster
A much much faster and almost as accurate version of the ecc algorithm

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comparing two tables or datasets
isequaln(table1 ,table2) possibly your error derives from the fact that if there are nans isequal will show false.

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How to get detectPeopleACF function in matlab R2013a version?

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where i can find source code of "detectPeopleACF"

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Predictions using NARX Network
excellent explanation :

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serial classification of timeseries "phases" with neural network
You may wish to consider lstm's ( long short term memory networks ( or recurrent nn's in general ) .

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How to mathematically obtain camera trace path from video
I have an aerial video of some (approximately flat) view (no depth maps required). I want to obtain the shape of the ground p...

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Do you speak Matlab ? GazeAlyze toolbox problem [Help]
I assume this is not longer a concern to this fella - but I solved a similar problem for myself and I think someone someday will...

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calculate blur kernel from original and blurry images
deconvolution, deblur, fast, ransac, blur kernel

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setting bounds for transformation parameters in registration
Hi all, I want to see if anyone knows if there is a way to set a boundary for the transformation parameters in imregister() or ...

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how can I use imregister() about the center of an image
Straight to the point : *Can anyone tell me 1) How I can convert the transformation matrix about the top left corner to the t...

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