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How to install dsPIC blockset in MATLAB 2007a
Hi, I want to setup dsPIC blockset which is given below, in my MATLAB 2007a Microchip dsPIC Microcontrollers Support from Emb...

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S-function builder: Error: ...undefined reference to `function()'
You have to include a different library which is available here MPU6050. Copy and paste MPU6050.c and MPU6050.h in your project ...

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Simulink S-function builder block to read MPU6050 through Arduino Mega
A S-function builder block to read accelerometer and gyroscope angle from MPU6050 through Arduino.

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avr-gcc.exe -Application Error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.
I have problem in connecting matlab 2014a(64-bit) and arduino uno when I enter >>a=arduino() after some time it gives an erro...

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Cannot connect Arduino Uno to Matlab R2014b
I have same problem with matlab 2014a(64-bit) and arduino uno error is: "Updating server code on Arduino Uno (COM3). Please w...

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