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Why does converting in and out of LongBits introduce error?
In Java, double value = 0.007168281523489443; double res = java.lang.Double.longBitsToDouble(java.lang.Double.doubleToLongBi...

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How to imshow to display colors consistently with other mac apps?
This appears to be a long standing issue but the question from 2015 didn't make much progress or reproduce easily. Here's what I...

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Matlab equivalent of Maple's remove_RootOf
I have a symbolic expression of the form root(…). I'd to recover the operand as a symbolic expression itself. I believe this wou...

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Discrete Laplacian on a triangle mesh
L discretizes the integrated discrete Laplacian in the sense that: x' * L * x discretizes Dirichlet energy: ∫ ‖∇x‖² dx. Via Gre...

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Useful functions for geometry processing, constrainted optimization and image processing.

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Using print to export matlab figures to pdf: How to KEEP borders (and not crop them)
This question has been asked many times with zero answers that I could find. Here's a hacky partial work around for 2D plots whe...

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MATLAB 2020b does not reload .m file edited outside of matlab until after running
I typically edit .m files outside of the matlab ide (using vim). Up until 2020b this was never an issue. In 2020b, if I make a c...

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Is it possible to recover *the* decomposition that's ultimately employed by mldivide (backslash)?
If I issue: spparms('spumoni',1); A\b; Then I can see the decision made by mldivide on how to solve against A. In my case it ...

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Trouble reading csv file
I ran into this issue copy-pasting data in excel into a new sheet and saving as .csv. Seems on mac, this maneuver triggers Exce...

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Wait a boolean variable becomes false
The accepted answer will cause your CPU to spin (wasting precious power and computational resources). Instead, I found a "hack"...

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Can imread input animated gifs written using imwrite?
It seems like this is broken ... on purpose. In /Applications/

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Can imread input animated gifs written using imwrite?
I've written an animated gif test.gif using imwrite: sphere frame = getframe(gcf); [SIf,cm] = rgb2ind(frame.cdata,256...

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In MATLAB, how do I obtain information about my screen resolution and screen size?
On my macbook air, if I issue On my macbook air, if I issue set(0,'units','pixels') get(0,'ScreenSize') I get ...

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