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As a Product Marketing Manager at MathWorks, I currently drive the business and product strategy for Aerospace Toolbox and Aerospace Blockset, including its new CubeSat Simulation Library. I have also continued supporting Simulink built-in hardware support and drove the launch of Embedded Coder support for PX4 autopilots. Built on top of the Simulink platform, I make sure that MathWorks' technologies address the most prominent market problems and bring industry and domain-specific functionality for modeling, simulation, and automatic code generation. I work closely with the Development organization, Application Engineering, other Marketing groups and Sales to help define product direction and deliver various product and application-related projects.


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TCP or UDP Through Respberry Pi 3 and Arduino
Did you see <

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How can i use NXT sensors on lego EV3 Brick?
As of R2018a, the Simulink Support Package for LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 supports LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT sensors on LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 B...

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Can i call Raspberry matlab commands in simulink
At this time, the answer to the question is that MATLAB Raspberry Pi commands are not compatible for use inside the MATLAB Funct...

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Like to know if there are high schools
Hi Anthony, Thanks for your question. I agree with Madhu about recommending the Bytes and Beats course for high school studen...

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Maker Faire Sense HAT Demo
This channel records measurements in all eight channels, containing measurements from sensors and joystick from the Raspberry Pi...

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Android Demo
Display accelerometer data from Android

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Control Raspberry Pi from your Android Device using Simulink
Control Raspberry Pi from your Android Device using Simulink

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Color detection with camera in Android devices
This demo employs the Simulink® Support Package for Android to program an Samsung device.

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Color detection with camera in iOS devices
This demo employs the Simulink® Support Package for Apple iOS to program an iOS device.

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Problem with Simulink + Arduino Uno
Hola Ignacio. Podemos hablar en español. Por favor explica un poco más lo que quieres decir con: "At the same time i do a sim...

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Home temperature
Monitoring home temperature

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Support Package Installer can't connect to Mathworks - any ideas?
This is a known issue in release R2015a. Logging out and logging back in should resolve the issue. In order to log out and back ...

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Problem loading sl_mi.dll
Hi Edmundo, Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, would you like me to create a Technical Support service request to ...

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