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E. Cheynet

University of Bergen (UiB)

Last seen: Today 2015년부터 활동

The number of discussions associated with my submissions has become quite large. Therefore, I am no longer able to handle the additional amount of work on time or reply to all the questions. Note: I will not do consulting work or your homework.

Programming Languages:
Python, MATLAB
Spoken Languages:
English, French
Professional Interests:
Signal Processing, Vibration Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Wind Power


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Rather than restricting the turbulence intensities to positive values only, I suggest to understand why the turbulence intensity...

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Fixing post load for acceleration signal with Savitzky-Golay filter
There are essentially two main approaches to converting acceleration to displacement signal: (1) double integration as wisely me...

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Issue with SEIR model for mathlab
Hi, I am not able to reproduce your error. The file is running normally on my Matlab version, both with a live script and a n...

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