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Fatma Buharoon

University of Sharjah

Last seen: 거의 3년 전 2016년부터 활동


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Using Webcam in GUI to view the image,capture image,save image and acquisition
where can i insert this code ?

7년 초과 전 | 0

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How can i change image file format from .jpg to .tiff?
but it says: Error using imwrite Too many output arguments. So how to fix it??

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Can anyone help me to code for facial emotion recognition?
fizza surhio if you solve your problem and know how to start please let me know since i'm working in the same area as yours.. th...

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Computer Vision - Undefined function 'detectSURFFeatures' for input arguments of type 'uint8'.
If I am having 2015b version free trail why can't I use computer vision toolbox or how can install it with this free trail ??

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