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How to clear figures in Live Editor in 2020b?
I just update to 2020b and notice there are some differences in the new release. First, "Run section" and "Section break" button...

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Tab for Favorites as we had with shortcuts?
Me too! I don't understand why matlab removes the tabs for shortcuts. It is very uncomfortable now.

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Where have the Command Shortcuts gone in R2018a?
I don't like it!. I have to open favorite manu and select the button. Why don't you continue the old fashion?

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Matlab drive is blocked in China?
I cannot install MATLAB drive connector anymore. It looks I have to setup proxy or VPN to continue the installation. Do you have...

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How can I increment different values for every iteration to a for loop?
a = [1 3 4 7 8 10 14 17 21 26]; for k=a disp(k); end

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