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Problem with phase delay implementation on a square wave
I am implementing a Level 2 S-function that generates a square wave that can have a changing duty cycle, phase delay, and dead t...

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How does the maximum and minimum step size affect the simulation of a model?
These values are completely dependent on the simulation that you are running. I will explain what step size is in a quick exampl...

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please help me :( ....... I want a simulink model of three phase to single phase inverter......
You could try searching in simulink for a block titled "Three-level bridge" which takes in three phase and outputs DC. otherw...

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while command in matlab
A while statement operates as follows: while (condition) { perform action } end As such, if you were to ha...

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Getting Error In FFT filtering ?
you are performing matrix multiplication when you use the '.*' command. The error you are receiving is telling you that the two ...

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