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How to load image to another script file using matlab GUI?
*Create button and Callback of this button write this code* ; _t=imread('samlpe.tiff') % load image save(t) % save as...

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How do I read a range of elements in a given excel column into a new matlab array?
Read with xlsread and save as .mat file. Then you can make all process you like easily.

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How to delete an element from a cell
Thats easy X=[19970422 30980524 63098754] New_X=floor(X/1000)

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How to implement a implay in a GUI interface.
Create axes object on gui. right click on exes View callback/Create Function Then write this code (sample.png must be in c...

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How can I use Neural Networks to create several networks instead of creating one by one manually?
Of course you can create several neural networks and control their variables (transfer functions, hidden layers, neuron number...

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How would i do it in matlab?
You have 1x1 features of different types of images. Rename them as "featureset_image" Add class information as numeric to fea...

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How read .ecg files in MATLAB
I have downlaoded chb2db and nsr2db database avaliable on But I can't open the...

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