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How to get simulink block diagram's width and height in pixel?
Try using >>get_param(gcb, 'position') ans = 85 81 200 139

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Arduino serial transmit block limited step time
The issue happened in MATLAB R2013a. The Arduino Serial blocks have been enhanced to support array, multiple datatypes, etc. in ...

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Motor Control with Adafruit Motor Shield V2 using Simulink
Currently Adafruit MotorShield V2 is not supported in Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware. You can take a look at http...

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Do Simulink "Deploy to Hardware" and "External" modes work with Arduino Uno clones?
The "Deploy to Hardware" should work fine with both CH340 and ATmega16u2 clones. For most of the Arduino boards the External mod...

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Channel 43094_RPi_multitasking

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RPi thingspeak channel

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