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Matthew Taliaferro

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

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I am currently a graduate student


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Applies generalized extreme Studentized deviate test for outliers at a specified confidence level

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Solving a sum of series of exponential function with a sum of series of cosine function inside
You cannot raise things to a power unless they are scalar or square (like the warning said). If you want to square each element,...

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Returns optimal cubic smoothing spline using the generalized cross validation method

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Confidence intervals estimates for cubic smoothing spline (csaps)
I wrote my own code and posted it < here>. Hopefully it's use...

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Confidence intervals estimates for cubic smoothing spline (csaps)
Is there a built in function that will return the confidence bands for csaps (or the output from ppval)? Extra information that ...

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How can i do leave-one-out for classification?
I'm unsure what you are asking, but maybe the functions cvpartition() and/or crossval() are what you're looking for?

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Variable file path for importdata
I am unsure why the following code does not work: str = input('Enter the filename: ', 's'); bottom_temp = fullfile('Temp...

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