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How to give a vector as Sigma to fspecial 'gaussian'
Hi, I need to give a vector to fspecial as the Sigma of a Gaussian. If I want to use a for loop inside another for loops and...

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Gui Screen Shot Button
I put it like this, but did not work, could you please help me: function pushbutton76_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) ...

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Extracting points from a curve:This code extract the points from a curve saved in image format.

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compare two matrices
How if I want two compare the two matrices and get only one digit; I mean 1 if both were the same and 0 if at least two element ...

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how to make zero padding?
Try this as well: function kp=padding(k) [M N]=size(k); for n=1:2:N k(:,n)=0 end end

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