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isequal Function with Tolerance
Check if two variables of any type are equal. Floating-point numbers are considered equal if the difference is less than a set t...

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How can I avoid a small value ignored during calculation?
@John D'Errico explained why this happens. If you really need to avoid this, you must therefore use an arbitrary-precision numer...

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Unlimited Decimal/Fractional Binary Converter
Conversion to and from a decimal number and a fractional binary number. No limitations on order of magnitude/number of significa...

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Integers in Arrays Give Strange Result
For example, try this, vec = [pi, -2, uint8(1)] vec = 1×3 uint8 row vector 3 0 1 vec = [pi, uint16(2), int8(-2)] ...

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Histogram Equalization for Color & Grayscale Images (No TB)
Histogram Equalization for intensity, indexed and RGB images. Uses “flat histogram” equalization as default. No Toolbox is requi...

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Legend for Contour Plots
Adds a curve description legend to a contour plot

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Fast Empirical CDF
Fast calculation of an empirical Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF).

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How to add tolerance for isequal?
Uploaded an isequal function with floating-point tolerance settings here,

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XCFRAME – Coordinate Transformation
Transforms position between a number of geo- and heliocentric coordinate frames

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Returns the unique parts of any array, including cell- and structure arrays, with any number of dimensions.

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Unique values in cell array
My new FEX-submission uniquearray, solves this (and wor...

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MATLAB File Association & Shortcut Fix
Fixes trouble with MATLAB file associations and missing shortcuts in Windows

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Chinese characters in html not recognized
opt = weboptions('CharacterEncoding', 'GBK'); str = webread(url, opt);

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Why am I not able to use the installed help documentation properly after update in MATLAB 9.6 (R2019a)?
This error is encountered if you add paths to MATLAB that contains a “html” folder, e.g., a third-party toolbox. MATLAB then see...

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Message Service fatally disconnected
Got this error also and (local) help-pages stoped working. Not even reinstallation of MATLAB (R2020a, Win 10) helped to resolve ...

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grid2tri - Gridded Surface to Irregular Triangulation
Creates an irregular triangulation of a gridded surface, possibly with undefined areas

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Full Command Line Help
Revert back to extensive command line help on later version of MATLAB.

8년 초과 전 | 다운로드 수: 2 |

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How to restore file association in Matlab 2015a for Windows
I’ve just submitted a contribution to MATLAB FEX that can solve this problem for R2015a (and earlier versions): <http://www.mat...

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