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Joao Henriques

University of Coimbra

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Comparing strings with wildcards
There's a very simple way, just use regexptranslate: regexp('abc123x', regexptranslate('abc*x')) Will return 1 (begginin...

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Joins cell array into a single string, with delimiter. Small, vectorized and fast.

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functions vs. script
As you've seen, it's very tempting to use functions as if they were scripts. Many people just use "global" to share variables be...

9년 이하 전 | 2


disptable - Display matrix with column or row labels
Displays a matrix with per-column or per-row labels.

9년 이하 전 | 다운로드 수: 1 |



Figure to play and analyze videos with custom plots on top
A figure ready to scroll through and play videos. You can also draw any custom graphics on it.

약 10년 전 | 다운로드 수: 11 |



Fast edges of a color image (actual color, not converting to grayscale)
Edges of a color image by the max gradient method.

10년 이상 전 | 다운로드 수: 12 |



textborder - Higher contrast text using a 1-pixel-thick border
Draws text on a figure with a 1-pixel-thick border.

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