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Using a centrifugal pump in a two-phase (2P) fluid in Simscape
I want to analyze a steam generation process from a controls point of view and for that I am studying Fluid Vaporization in Pipe...

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TCP/IP server to connect to S7 1200
I managed to indirectly find a very simple solution from some OPC tutorial. I used an Interpreted Matlab Fcn block and inside th...

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TCP/IP server to connect to S7 1200
I am trying to control my Simulink model through an S7 1200 PLC. The idea is to send the process value from the model to the PLC...

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How can I interface to PLCs like the Modicon or Allen Bradley PLC with MATLAB or Simulink?
Where can I find more details on this. I would like to implement this This has been seen with Siemens, B&R, and Beckhoff PLCs....

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