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Using LSTM network in Nonlinear MPC design?
Hi Armin, If I understand correctly you'd want train an LSTM for a time series with feedback. You can follow this example which...

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Multivariate LSTM mini-batch size error
Hi Harry, I was able to reproduce the error you report, which is caused by the fact that you do not reset the state of the netw...

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How to set up a deep neural network input so that it inputs both an image (X by Y greyscale) AND 5 numerical values for each output.
Hi Thomas, Currently trainNetwork does not support networks which have multiple heterogeneous inputs like your case (an image a...

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LSTM Sequence to One Regression
Hi Juan, It would be very helpful if you could share the architecture you want to train, since this error might be caused by a...

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Two Issues about MATLAB's Official Example of GAN
Hi Theron, After setting a long epoch, say 5000, the code crashed after 3833 iterations--actually I think it is simply an arbit...

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