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Save Live Script automatically as PDF
Hi Jana, Thanks for using the Live Editor! Actually, your workflow is expected to work. Unfortunately, there is a known issue ...

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How to include an image with original resolution in a Live Script?
Hi, I'm very sorry for the delayed answer. I noticed this post only recently. Regarding the quality loss of images: We are awa...

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Create PDF of Live Script produces broken PDF file
George, Steffany Thanks for your reply/post. For unknown reasons, you're running out of Java memory on certain machines with...

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How can I view one MuPad doument in multiple windows? Or via split-window?
Hi Ian, Indeed, MuPAD does not have the ability to show the content of the same document twice. Neither in one windows nor in...

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Mupad on Mac; exporting graphics to disk
Hi Wilhelm, I checked myimages:="/tmp/": plot(plot::Function2d(x^2,x=-1..1),OutputFile=myimages."image_1.jpg"); on ...

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