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MEX FIle For deep learning
Please use coder.loadDeepLearningNetwork instead of coder.load in your MATLAB file. If you dont have a GPU, you can still gener...

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Getting error for NVIDIA CudNN with Matlab 2019b in Windows 10
Hi Susama Looks like the requisite environments for CUDNN and TENSORRT are not set correctly on your windows. These environme...

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int8 Calibration data with semantic segmentation
Hi Markus GPU Coder does not support INT8 inference for regression and semantic segmentation networks today. We will be looking...

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Does neural network custom layer is supported by Matlab Coder?
No, MATLAB coder doesn't support code generation for custom layers. The layers supported for code generation are documented her...

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Neural network compilation mwmklnnet.lib is not found
Shahar This was a bug in R2018b release , and we fixed it in an update release 2. To resolve this issue, you would need to upg...

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