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barvalues(h, precision, textParams)
Display bar values on-top of bars in a bar or histogram plot .

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Digital System Processing (Audio Processing)
If you have a specific time, then you should probably find the maximum frequency at that time, in the matrix S. Each column in ...

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Input parsing of name-value Pairs
I would use addParameter(p,paramName,defaultVal) where defaultVal = []% or: defaultVal = 'AskUser' and then, after name-v...

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TileFigures; SpreadFigures; getMonitors; getMatlabMainScreen
An easy way to arrange your figures in a neat fashion. Supports multiple screens. Plus some extra features.

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deploys all fields of a structure as variables

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Data labels above bars on grouped bar plot
I've written a function to do just this. It's called <

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bar plot, value on top
I've written a function to do just this. It's called <

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