HOW TO place INTERRUPT SERVICE ROUTINE into "code_ramfuncs" section

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BD 2017년 12월 3일
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HOW TO place INTERRUPT SERVICE ROUTINE generated by embedded coder for TMS320c28x processor into "code_ramfuncs" section

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zhichuan wang
zhichuan wang 2017년 12월 4일
편집: zhichuan wang 2017년 12월 4일
In my opinion, you can set the Configuration sets to do you want. can place the folloing statements in the Code Generation->Custom Code->insert custom C code in generated->Source file
#pragma CODE_SECTION(ISR_Function, "ramfuncs")
Then, this statement will be inserted to you model.c code.
2.Next,choose "Boot From Flash(stand alone execution)"in the Hardware Implementation Panel.This will make all of the genearted code run in flash. you can check the Simulink's c28335.cmd with the "Edit..", like this:
.vectors: load = 0x000000000
.text: > FLASH, PAGE = 0
.switch: > FLASH, PAGE = 0
codestart: > BEGINFLASH, PAGE = 0
csmpasswds: > CSM_PWL, PAGE = 0
ramfuncs: LOAD = FLASH,
PAGE = 0
} #else
.vectors: load = 0x000000000
.text: > RAML4L7, PAGE = 0
.switch: > RAML4L7, PAGE = 0
codestart: > BEGINRAM, PAGE = 0
csmpasswds: > CSM_PWL, PAGE = 0
csm_rsvd: > RAMM0, PAGE = 0
ramfuncs: > RAML4L7, PAGE = 0
Hope this will be helpful.

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