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Can you create Ultrasound directional speakers simulations
This sounds like it is a standard type of problem addressed with the functions of the Phased Array Toolbox. Your array is a pha...

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Getting steered beam gain in Phased Array Toolbox
If you use the pattern command in the Phased Array tool box, you can see the gain pattern that results. These are correct. Now...

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how can I increase font size in Matlab scripts
I looked up this thread because my script was shrinking to such a small size that I had trouble reading it. While the answer ab...

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Read a column which has comma seperated values
What I have done for similar circumstances (and I have seen even worse) is to use the importdata function. Now importdata will ...

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Font of axis data and legends
There's a way that's somewhat easier to remember and use, although not as general. First, though, let's assume that you have cr...

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