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Extract all columns from a table where the column names "start with" a string
colNames = fieldnames(mytable); [~,inds] = intersect(colNames, { 'A1' 'A2' } ); mytable = mytable(:,sort(inds));

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A toolbox for processing electrophysiological data

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EEGLAB don't start
Based on your screen capture, it seems that it did start. Arno

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Can't Run ICA EEGLab
Dear Alina, This might be because you have linear dependencies in your input data. Could you try something like [EEG.icaweight...

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Problems to run .mat file in eeglab
EEGLAB cannot read Mat files from Acqknowledge nativelly. Instead there is a plugin called BIOPAC that can do that. Best wish...

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How to automate/skip through EEGlab gui processing?
All EEGLAB functions are scriptable. So you should be able to call one of them to achieve your goal. It is unclear what you mean...

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