Image Processing Toolbox Hyperspectral Imaging Library

Import, visualize, process, analyze and export hyperspectral data
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Image Processing Toolbox™ Hyperspectral Imaging Library
Welcome to the Hyperspectral Imaging Library, an advanced support package on the Image Processing Toolbox™ designed specifically for MATLAB®. This library equips users with a comprehensive set of tools and functions for processing and visualizing hyperspectral imagery. It serves various purposes including environmental monitoring, quality assessment, and surveillance across diverse applications.
Key Features:
  • Comprehensive File Support: Seamlessly read, write, and process hyperspectral data across multiple file formats including NITF, ENVI, TIFF, and MTL.
  • Interactive Visualization: The Hyperspectral Viewer app enhances your data analysis workflow by enabling visualization of individual band images, histograms, spectrum plots for selected pixels or regions, and color/false-color image generation, alongside metadata display.
  • Data Correction, Enhancement, and Dimension Reduction:Apply data correction, enhancement, and dimension reduction techniques to refine spectral information, boosting accuracy and facilitating efficient analysis of complex datasets.
  • Advanced Processing Capabilities: Utilize state-of-the-art algorithms for tasks such as endmember extraction, abundance map estimation, band selection, spectral matching, target detection, segmentation, and anomaly detection.
  • Deep learning workflows: Seamlessly integrate deep learning workflows into hyperspectral classification and segmentation, facilitating advanced pattern recognition and feature extraction for enriched insights.
Getting started
Dive into the fundamentals of hyperspectral imaging and its application areas.
Access detailed documentation for a comprehensive understanding of the library's capabilities.
Use dedicated functions that make it easy to work with hyperspectral data.
Learn through practical examples that demonstrate the library's functions in real-world scenarios.
Enhance your workflow with apps designed for efficient hyperspectral image processing and visualization.
Technical articles
For insights and advanced techniques in hyperspectral data processing, explore our technical articles on topics such as Spectral Matching, Target Detection Techniques, and Spectral Indices.
  • Facing download or installation issues? Our Technical Support team is here to help, please contact Technical Support.
  • For questions about functionalities or to share your insights, join our vibrant community discussion, ask the community.
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