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Fitting the Uniform Shear Model to real data

version 1.0.3 (427 KB) by E. Cheynet
The parameters of the Uniform Shear Model are estimated in the least-square sense.


Updated 26 Oct 2019

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The function "fitMann" is used to estimate the parameters of the uniform shear model [1] in the least-square sense. As an example, the fitting algorithm is applied to the Great Belt dataset used by Mann [1] and the Kaimal spectral model [2,3]. The present Matlab implementation was applied for offshore wind data [4] and simultaneously fit the three parameters of the uniform shear model.

The submission contains:
- the function fitMann.m
- An interactive example file Example.mlx
- a data file greatbeltData that contains digitalized spectral estimate from the Great belt experiment
- The function mannTurb.m introduced in [5]

This is the first version of the submission. Several changes may occur soon. Any comment, suggestion or question is welcomed.

[1] Mann, J. (1994). The spatial structure of neutral atmospheric surface-layer turbulence. Journal of fluid mechanics, 273, 141-168.
[2] Kaimal, J. C., Wyngaard, J. C. J., Izumi, Y., & Coté, O. R. (1972). Spectral characteristics of surface‐layer turbulence. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 98(417), 563-589.
[3] Mann, J. (1998). Wind field simulation. Probabilistic engineering mechanics, 13(4), 269-282.
[4] Cheynet, E. (2019). Influence of the Measurement Height on the Vertical Coherence of Natural Wind. In Conference of the Italian Association for Wind Engineering (pp. 207-221). Springer, Cham.

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Inspired by: Uniform shear model (Mann, 1994)