Servo-driven Pump Applications & Water Hammer Pressure Waves

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Animation of a Hydraulic Pressure Wave & VFD pump applications for fluid transport (multi-tank system).

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A MATLAB script executes a Simscape hydraulic model and animates the pressure shock wave transient with sudden valve closure. A multi-domain model (hydraulic-mechanic-electric) illustrates the advantage of variable frequency control (VFD) for flow regulation. Energy saving at pump shaft is underlined.
A multi-tank system that enables level regulation is added to the submission. Dynamic variation of levels is shown in the 3D Explorer (Simscape Multibody). Simulate the pump and tank models directly from Simulink.

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Juan Sagarduy (2022). Servo-driven Pump Applications & Water Hammer Pressure Waves (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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