Apps and models for teaching numerical sciences and computer science

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Interactive apps and Simulink models for numerical sciences and computer science

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This submission contains a manual and a series of MATLAB Apps and Simulink Models for introducing Numerical Sciences and Computer Science in secondary schools.
It includes the following apps and models :
- Data Type Conversion App. App to convert between boolean, decimal, hexadecimal and character types,
- Simulink model to realize logical operations on booleans,

- JPEG Compression App. This App allows you to change the quality factor of JPEG compression and visualize original, compressed and gray-scale image difference between original and compressed image.

- Watermarking is the process of hiding digital information in a carrier signal, here an image. The Watermarking App allows the user to :
- Load an image
- Enter the message to hide
- Select the bit containing the hidden message
- Select the color component containing the hidden message (R, G, B)
- Visualize original image, code image and watermarked image,

- Audio Acquisition App : Interactive acquisition of audio signals,

- Graph Traverse App. This App allows the user to :
- Load a graph (sparse matrix)
- Visualize the graph
- Run a traverse algorithm (DFS or BFS) or find the shortest Path between two nodes
- Visualize the path, possibly step by step

- Simulink models to communicate an encrypted image between two Raspberry Pi,

- Simulink model for obstacle avoidance on LEGO Mindstorms (using State Machines, stateflow).

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