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version 1.2.0 (1.13 MB) by David Legland
Interactive GUI for Image Processing, Analysis and Vizualisation, similar to ImageJ


Updated 14 Feb 2020

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ImageM integrates into a GUI several algorithms for interactive image processing and analysis. It allows to load images, apply filtering and/or segmentation, and run basic analyses. Interface is largely inspired from the open source software "ImageJ".
The interface is packaged as a Matlab Application. To install, simply double-click and follow installation instructions.

The development of ImageM started as a proof of concept for creating GUI dedicated to image processing. After adding several tools and options, I thought it could be useful to others, and maybe be used as an example of gui development. The source are available on the GitHub project (

ImageM relies on the image processing toolbox and on the GUI Layout Toolbox. Most algorithms are wrapped into a specific "Image" class that allow to process in a unified way grayscale, binary and color images, 2D or 3D, and that can be used independently (see

Please note that this is still work in progress... Bug reports can be sent directly to the author: david[dot]legland(at)inra[dot]fr

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David Legland (2020). ImageM (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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David Legland

@vivek: yes, the code is available from GitHub:

vivek balasubramanian

Is there code available for this project ?

David Legland

Hi Natalylun,
I have uploaded an updated version, packages as an application. It requires the GUILayout toolbox for Matlab 2014b or greater. There is also a dependency to a Table class, but it should be included in the release.

I hope this new version makes the problem disappear.


Thank you for very nice App! Unfortunately, I get this:
Reference to non-existent field 'scrollPanel'.

Error in imagem.gui.PlanarImageViewer/onScrollPanelResized (line 428)
scroll = this.handles.scrollPanel;

Error in imagem.gui.PlanarImageViewer>@(varargin)this.onScrollPanelResized(varargin{:}) (line 103)
'resizeFcn', @this.onScrollPanelResized);

Error using imagem.gui.PlanarImageViewer/PlanarImageViewer/setupLayout (line 102)
Error while evaluating Panel SizeChangedFcn

How to fix it?

David Legland

Hi Fei Guo,
The required function is part of the GUI Layout Toolbox (version 1). you should locate the directory containing the package (or install the latest version), and add the "patch" subdirectory, that contains the missing function.
Be careful tu use version of GUI Layout Toolbox before version 2. I will try to post an update for more recent versions of the GUI.

Fei Guo

I am using matlab 2014b and below is what i am encountering.

>> ImageM
Undefined function or variable 'isHGUsingMATLABClasses'.

Error in uiextras.Container (line 62)
if isHGUsingMATLABClasses()

Error in uiextras.Box (line 38)
obj@uiextras.Container( varargin{:} );

Error in uiextras.VBox (line 44)
obj@uiextras.Box( varargin{:} );

Error in imagem.gui.PlanarImageViewer/PlanarImageViewer/setupLayout (line 94)
mainPanel = uiextras.VBox('Parent', hf, ...

Error in imagem.gui.PlanarImageViewer (line 72)

Error in imagem.gui.ImagemGUI/addImageDocument (line 49)
viewer = imagem.gui.PlanarImageViewer(this, doc);

Error in ImageM (line 62)
[doc viewer] = addImageDocument(gui, img); %#ok<ASGLU>

please help me. thanks so much

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2019b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: GUI Layout Toolbox, MatStats

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