Conditionally colored line plot

버전 1.1 (3.62 KB) 작성자: Matt Tearle
Plots (2D line) graph split into two colors above and below a given threshold value
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Plots vectors x & y using one color for when y is greater than a given threshold value, and another color when y is less than the threshold.
You can optionally specify any standard formatting string that PLOT accepts (eg 'rx:' for a red dotted line with cross markers).

The plotting follows the standard MATLAB PLOT approach of linearly interpolating between data values. The coloring/linestyle changes at y = threshold, even on the interpolated line.

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Matt Tearle (2024). Conditionally colored line plot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Made a quick hack to the input-parsing utility to deal with the change in precedence rules. It should now work in 19b and in previous versions. Hasn't been really thoroughly tested, though, so please report any problems.

Updated license