Introduction to MATLAB® Webinar materials

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Presentation and demo materials from the live Webinar "Introduction to MATLAB®" (March 20, 2007)
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These are the files for the Webinar presented on March 20, 2007. The ZIP file includes the slides (PDF) and the demo files used in the Webinar.
Circuit Characterization
This demo highlights the use of MATLAB in a data analysis workflow, starting from importing data stored in comma-separated file and ending at a published report that documents the steps taken in the analysis.

Missing Planes
This demo highlights the use of MATLAB in an algorithm development workflow, starting from importing image files and ending at a stand alone GUI application that detects differences between two images.

Webinar Description
This webinar introduces the MATLAB® product family and provides a high-level overview of the major capabilities. Through product demonstrations, attendees will see how the MATLAB product family is used for:

* Programming and algorithm development
* All phases of data analysis, from data acquisition to visualization
* Application development and deployment

This webinar is for people unfamiliar with MATLAB.

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