My preferred vacation is to visit

Taj wali
Taj wali 2024년 3월 1일
Muhammad Zikril Hakim bin Zulkifly
Muhammad Zikril Hakim bin Zulkifly 2024년 2월 29일
Andrew 2024년 2월 16일
Other: my bed
Audrey 2024년 2월 15일
obviously the beach!
John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2024년 2월 4일
Perfectly happy where I am now.
Ramón Rey Álvarez
Ramón Rey Álvarez 2024년 1월 4일
doing my bachelor's degree dissertation on simulink... yajuuu!
Ethan 2023년 12월 9일
Xande 2023년 10월 13일
rivers, lakes and mountain is BS. Who tryna spend a week in a river bruh.
Chris Eklund
Chris Eklund 2023년 9월 6일
I would visit Mars:
  • No heat
  • No humidity
  • No traffic
Chris, Durham, NC
Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2023년 9월 14일
San Diego is like that (only some parts have traffic). Absolutely perfect weather all year round. Doesn't get hot, doesn't get cold, doesn't get humid/muggy. Yet still has 4 seasons: awesome, spectacular, wonderful, and perfect. I was lucky enough to live in that paradise for 21 years.
Manojkumar V
Manojkumar V 2023년 9월 1일

all of the above i want to explore cities lakes

Paul Martellock
Paul Martellock 2023년 8월 23일
All of the above... I want to explore... cities, lakes, beaches, oceans, mountains... with friends/family
DGM 2023년 8월 22일
"somewhere else" is the generalized answer. When I want to get away from where I am, that's where I go.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2023년 8월 20일
If somewhere else, explain what a category for that place might be. For example deserts or scuba diving or Antarctica.


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