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What is your favorite type of puzzle?

Word (Crossword , Wordle, etc.)
Numerical (Sudoku, math, etc.)
Brain teaser, logic
Jigsaw, picture, finding/matching
Wooden, metal, or other mechanical
Other type (comment below)
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Rena Berman
Rena Berman 2023년 10월 11일
For those who like word puzzles try out this one MATLAB-related word scramble puzzle
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 2023년 10월 11일
That was not hard.
Rich006 2023년 4월 20일
Sudoku is not a numerical puzzle. Any set of 9 unique symbols could be used, such as a through i. Children's versions use pictures instead of numerals.
Michael Polakowski
Michael Polakowski 2023년 4월 20일
I tend to favor word puzzles, but will always love computer games of the Half Life/Portal variety, which I would describe as interactive brain teasers with generous portions of dark humor and violence mixed in.
William Thielicke
William Thielicke 2023년 4월 4일

I absolutely hate puzzles... I even hate it when I have to route traces on a PCB for my hobbies.

Pragna Singh
Pragna Singh 2023년 4월 3일
Anyone else have the dillema of choosing between: the type of puzzle you're good at (satisfiying & solves quickly) vs the type of puzzle that challenges you (but you're dreadful at solving)?
Keegan Sim
Keegan Sim 2023년 4월 3일
Those with a logical path/solution. I don't really like those that are like "try every way until you find one that works", but do like "x therefore y" puzzles.
William 2023년 3월 31일
Chess puzzles
DGM 2023년 3월 30일
I'm normally not a big fan of puzzles, but every now and then I do like a bit of an intellectual challenge.
I hate to boast, but I'm getting pretty good at it.
Michael Polakowski
Michael Polakowski 2023년 4월 20일
Based on the appearance of the shopping cart return stations at my local supermarket (large carts go on one side, small carts on the other), many shoppers would have difficulty with even a two-shape version of that puzzle.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2023년 4월 25일
Or this happens.
DGM 2023년 4월 25일
If shopping carts are any measure, consider that most places only have one size of cart. At that point, the cart corral is the puzzle -- a puzzle with only one hole and pegs of uniform shape and size.
It's not even laziness; you will find carts inserted backwards and sideways. If shopping carts were any smaller, they'd end up getting eaten.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2023년 3월 30일 (2023년 3월 30일에 수정됨)
To me, every new MATLAB project I get is like a brain teaser puzzle that I have to figure out. Like how to segment out some weird thing from an image.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 2023년 3월 29일
Tetanor! (from times newspaper every so often - they don't currently publish one every day). Hardest mathematical number puzzle I have ever found published in a national newspaper. I like to tackle it with pen and paper alone. The fiendish level most certainly is.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2023년 3월 29일
Do you have a link? Google doesn't seem to have heard of "Tetanor".
Oh wait. Looks like it's really called Tetonor.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 2023년 10월 11일
Yep, that is it, it can be a good few hours puzzling depending on the difficulty, and on whether, you try to do it all with pen and paper (no calculator etc)
sinky 2023년 3월 29일
i will forever be a picross fan .


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