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Hans Scharler
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MATLAB EXPO 2022 - Open to Everyone for Free - May 17-18 | Online

Hans Scharler 2022년 4월 14일 (2022년 5월 13일에 수정됨)
최근 활동 Hans Scharler 답글 2022년 5월 17일

MATLAB EXPO is open to everyone:
Industry Tracks:
  • AI in Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Implementation and DevOps
  • Algorithm Development and Deployment
  • 5G, Wireless, and Radar
  • Autonomous Systems and Robotics
  • Electrification, Motor Control, and Power Systems
  • Preparing Future Engineers
Special Event: Save the Earth: Accelerate Climate Science and Electrify Everything
The climate crisis is here. Engineers and scientists are engaged to help. Engineers innovate rapidly to decarbonize energy production, electrify everything, and design sustainable products. Scientists accelerate their research to inform climate adaptation and enhance understanding through advances in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. And educators train the next generation to take these advances even further. In this talk by Dr. Tanya Morton, you will learn how scientists and engineers use MATLAB® and Simulink® to tackle this great challenge—to save the earth and build a clean, electrified future!
腾龙娱乐开户微 yfk523
腾龙娱乐开户微 yfk523 2022년 5월 9일
I will be aprreciated if it will be recorded
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler 2022년 5월 17일
Yes! We just started releasing the recording to YouTube.
Belal Ahmed
Belal Ahmed 2022년 5월 5일
did it will be recorded ? as i have final exams and will not be able to attend the EXPO
I will be aprreciated if it will be recorded
Michelle Hirsch
Michelle Hirsch 2022년 5월 9일
Yes, mostly. All talks should be available. I believe the live Q&A and hands-on workshops won't be recorded.

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