Problem 242. Make a function that returns its own character count

Solution 63358

Submitted on 20 Mar 2012 by Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
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fname = 'omphaloskeptic.m'; fid = fopen(fname); file = textscan(fid,'%c', ... 'CommentStyle','%', ... 'Whitespace',''); fclose(fid); ha = histc(file{1},1:128); hp = omphaloskeptic; assert(~any(ismember(33:41,find(ha))),'Used an illegal character'); assert(isequal(ha,hp),'Actual characters did not match prediction');

ans = 'function x=omphaloskeptic' 'x=0;a=[];' 'for i=1:128,a=[a;i];end' 'importdata omphaloskeptic.m' 'for i=[ans{:}],x=x+[i==a];end' 'end'

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