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How do I deactivate a trial activation?

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I would like to deactivate an activation on my trial ID and activate on a new computer, but I do not see a deactivate button in the License Center. How do I deactivate?

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MathWorks Support Team
There is no deactivation procedure available for trials, however, Concurrent trials can be re-designated one time by contacting Technical Support.
For Individual trials, you may be able to activate a new computer if you have not reached the maximum amount of activations allowed on the trial (typically, this is either one or two). If you receive an error 353 when activating on a new computer, you've reached the limit of maximum activations allowed and will need a new trial ID generated.
In this case, please contact your Sales Representative to have a new trial generated for you.

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Rosana Seggiaro
Rosana Seggiaro 20 Aug 2019
Hi. I installed the trial version on a computer and activated it. I would like to be able to unsubscribe it, to install it in another one because in the first one I have limitations and I cannot use it. As I do?



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