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Kaloyan Bozhidarov
Kaloyan Bozhidarov 2011년 6월 17일
[EDIT: 20110617 09:06 CDT - reformat - WDR]
I want to evaluate the volatility spill over between bonds, cds and equity using company data.
However, I have a problem with my GARCH BEKK model. I used UCSD toolbox, and followed the following steps for the estimation of the model. Built a ARMA model and obtained the residuals, then demeaned the residuals and run the GARCH BEKK model. Everything is fine so far, but the problem is that I get insignificant results for the coefficients that reflect the volatility spillover.
This is my code:
%ARMA fiting
[parameters, errors, LLF , SEregression, stderrors, robustSE, scores, likelihoods]=armaxfilter(rstock,1,1,1)
%Ljung Box test for serial correlation
[H,pValue,Qstat,CriticalValue] = lbqtest(errors,[5 ,10],0.01)
%ARMA fiting
[parameters, errors, LLF , SEregression, stderrors, robustSE, scores, likelihoods]=armaxfilter(rbond,1,1,1)
%Ljung Box test for serial correlation
[H,pValue,Qstat,CriticalValue] = lbqtest(errors,[5 ,10],0.01)
%ARMA fiting
[parameters, errors, LLF , SEregression, stderrors, robustSE, scores, likelihoods]=armaxfilter(rcds,1,1,1)
%Ljung Box test for serial correlation
[H,pValue,Qstat,CriticalValue] = lbqtest(errors,[5 ,10],0.01)
x=[resbond rescds resstock]
%GARCH BEKK estimation
[parameters, loglikelihood,likelihoods, stdresid, stderrors, A, B, scores] = full_bekk_mvgarch(x,1,1)
%%%%%Test for adequacy
stdresid2=stdresid.^2 %square of the std resid
%Ljunk Box Test
[h,pValue,stat,cValue] = lbqtest(stdresid2,20)
%%%%Extracting std errors from A
Could anybody help me?


Junjun 2012년 7월 27일
Why does this coefficient ought to be significant?
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Javier 2012년 9월 24일
Normally you get the error of the coefficient estimated with the sqrt(diag(hessian(something))). Don not what is A.

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Javier 2012년 12월 3일
편집: Javier 2012년 12월 10일
Hello Kaloyan
I just start checking UCSD GARCH toolbox. Once you get the H value for the lbqtest of the square residuals equal to 0, it means that the model is ok (UNIVARIATE). To get the Significance of the parameters I use this formula:
Now you have to test significance in the multivariate sense. There is no function in Matlab or MFE toolbox for that purpose. In this book you can find a multivariate test (New introduction to multiple time series analysis (Luetkepohl 2005) Hope this helps

Javier 2012년 12월 4일
Hello Kaloyan
I just talk with professor Sheppard. There is a new toolbox MFE with the same functionalities. Erase UCSD Toolbox and prove with the new one.
Best regards

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