How can I open an existing Excel file and communicate with it using ActiveX?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team 2009년 6월 27일
답변: Pruthvi G 2020년 4월 13일
I would like an example where ActiveX is used to open an existing spreadsheet to perform read and write operations. I would like to manipulate the data in Excel and then retrieve such changes in MATLAB without having to resave the spreadsheet.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team 2009년 6월 27일
This bug has been fixed in Release 14 Service Pack 3 (R14SP3). For previous product releases, read below for any possible workarounds:
The following provides an example of opening an existing Excel file named example.xls and proceeding to write and read with it:
% Specify file name
file = 'D:\Applications\MATLAB701\work\example.xls'; % This must be full path name
% Open Excel Automation server
Excel = actxserver('Excel.Application');
Workbooks = Excel.Workbooks;
% Make Excel visible
% Open Excel file
% Specify sheet number, data, and range to write to
data=rand(4); % use a cell array if you want both numeric and text data
range = 'F10:I13';
% Make the first sheet active
Sheets = Excel.ActiveWorkBook.Sheets;
sheet1 = get(Sheets, 'Item', sheetnum);
invoke(sheet1, 'Activate');
Activesheet = Excel.Activesheet;
% Put MATLAB data into Excel
ActivesheetRange = get(Activesheet,'Range',range);
set(ActivesheetRange, 'Value', data);
% Here you might manipulate the data in Excel
% Now read the data from the sheet; you could specify a new range here
Range = get(Activesheet,'Range',range);
out = Range.value;
% Save file
% Close Excel and clean up
clear Excel;

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Pruthvi G
Pruthvi G 2020년 4월 13일
% Name : xl_xlsfinfo
% Author : Pruthvi Raj G
% Version : Version 1.0 - 2011b Compactible
% Description : Finds all the sheets in the Excel file (.xls,.xlsm,.xlsx)
% Input : File_Name with path included.
% Date : 11-Feb-2020
% Examples : xl_xlsfinfo('D:\Pruthvi\Test_file.xls')
Use the Below Lines of Code ::
sheets = xl_xlsfinfo('D:\Pruthvi\Test_file.xls')
sheets =
1×5 cell array
{'Sheet1'} {'Sheet2'} {'Sheet3'} {'Sample'} {'Data'}

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