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How can I use NARGIN/NARGOUT to determine the number of input/output arguments of an object method?

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I am trying to determine the number of input/output arguments of an object's method. When the name of any object method is passed to NARGIN/NARGOUT, the returned value is always -1 regardless of the number of inputs/outputs specified in the method signature.
The following syntax returns -1 for any MethodName:

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MathWorks Support Team
The ability to call NARGIN/NARGOUT directly on object methods is not available in MATLAB. As a workaround, specify the class and method names explicitly using the following syntax:

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Markus Leuthold
Markus Leuthold 16 Apr 2015
It's almost five years later and this bug still exists. Any news from Mathworks on how to handle this situation in 2015?
Class C
classdef C < handle
function r=fcn1(~)
r='run fcn1';
function fcn2(~)
disp('run fcn2');
function run
function run(f)
switch nargout(f)
case 0
case 1
case -1
What I expect from the following code
>> c=C;
>> run(@c.fcn1)
run fcn1
>> run(@c.fcn2)
run fcn2
Instead I get
>> c=C;
>> run(@c.fcn1)
>> run(@c.fcn2)
How do you recommend to workaround in case where you want to know nargout from a function handle AND evaluate a function handle?

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Eric Salemi
Eric Salemi 12 Jul 2018
편집: Eric Salemi 12 Jul 2018
I suggest you use the meta information provided by the MCOS class system:
>> class = ?containers.Map;
>> method = class.MethodList({mclass.MethodList.Name} == "subsref");
>> method.InputNames
ans =
2×1 cell array
>> method.OutputNames
ans =
It is reliable in most cases except when your class definition uses the old-style @ folder or if you query a non-MCOS class such as a Java class or such. On the side note, the accepted answer will not work for a qualified class such as above, which just shows that the NARGIN/NARGOUT functions are function-oriented are have not been adapted for the MCOS class system.

Christopher Hummersone
An indirect solution is to test for the existence of a particular variable:
This works for input variables; I haven't tested it for output variables.

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Madhav Rajan
Madhav Rajan 2 Feb 2016
Although it helps, with exist you will need to the know the names of the variables that you want to track. NARGIN/NARGOUT makes it easier since you do not need any book keeping.

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