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Doubts regarding the SimRF blockset of Simulink

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Mahitha 23 Oct 2013
댓글: Mahitha 24 Oct 2013
Hi All,
I have two doubts regarding the SimRF toobox as listed below:
1.When I use the filter from Idealized baseband part of toolbox and provide the desired parameters,say I used LPF,I do not see any filtering action happening. That is,if the input to the filter has 3 frequencies(20,80,120 Hz) and the filter cutoff is 20 Hz, the output of the filter has lower magnitude signal, but all the frequencies are still present. So the question is will the filter do convolution also or will it just provide filter coefficients?
2.If I use the continuous wave source(CW),the time scope output looks like a DC,that is I can only see the amplitude and not the frequency.Also I want to know how to view the output of CW using a spectrum scope.
Please help me solve these immediately. Thanks in advance!

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Mark 23 Oct 2013
Thanks for the questions.
1. It's hard to answer this without seeing the model. Please contact tech support at MathWorks to show them the model you're trying to run.
2. The CW source of the Circuit Envelope library produces a constant modulation on top of the carrier frequency specified in the source. A flat "DC" response is exactly how a constant modulation looks. To see the real passband shape of the CW source waveform, pass its output through a SimRF Outport and in the Outport choose the "Real passband" option.
Best wishes,

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Mahitha 24 Oct 2013
Thank you Mark.
Where do I choose the "Real Passband" option in SimRF outport? When I check the Block parameters of SimRF outport, I can only change Sensor type, Output and Carrier frequencies.

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