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Export Data to Ms Access - HELP!!

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BSantos 14 Oct 2013
댓글: BSantos 14 Oct 2013
I have tried many ways/tutorials on how to export data from MATLAB to Ms Access, but so far, I haven't fully succeed. I could export all my dataset into 1 column instead of 1 row.
Could you guys please help me??
Thanks in advance.
Here's my code:
colnames - cell array with Column Names <1 x 44>
data - cell array with data set to export to Ms Access <15 x 44>
handles.DB.con - Database connection object.;
datainsert(handles.DB.con,'databaseTable', colnames, data);
Error using database/datainsert (line 104)
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1.

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BSantos 14 Oct 2013
Well, the connection is okay. I get no error message.
Instance: ''
UserName: ''
Driver: 'sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver'
URL: [1x130 char]
Constructor: [1x1 com.mathworks.toolbox.database.databaseConnect]
Message: []
Handle: [1x1 sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcConnection]
TimeOut: 0
AutoCommit: 'on'
Type: 'Database Object'
If I try Insert function I get this error:
insert(handles.DB.con,'databaseTable', colnames, data);
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement.
all columns exist in my DB as I copied them 1 by 1, just to make sure! :)
Any ideas??
Thank you very much!!!!
Friedrich 14 Oct 2013
I assume it's related to a column name. Maybe one contains a reserved word. Can you post all the columnnames here? The easiest would be
BSantos 14 Oct 2013
What kind of names are reserved? Could a column named "Date" be a problem??

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Friedrich 14 Oct 2013
편집: Friedrich 14 Oct 2013
yes DATE is a reserved keyword. For a full list see here. You can stil use it but you should escape any column names which are also keywords or functions. In MS Access it should be [] brackets. So instead of 'Date' use '[Date]' as column name.

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BSantos 14 Oct 2013
I still get the same errors even if I change the Column Name..
Friedrich 14 Oct 2013
Maybe there are others? The error is given from the driver directly and not from MATLAB. It must be something with the syntax which MATLAB uses to run the SQL command internally.
Maybe start with a dummy database containing one column name and see if it works. if so add a 2nd column and try again. This will lead to the column name which causes the troubles here.
BSantos 14 Oct 2013
So, I just tried with INSERT function, and now all is okay!
THANK YOU very much!!!!

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