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Documentation for expamples on simulink for beginners

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Suresh Jaggal
Suresh Jaggal 2013년 10월 14일
마감: MATLAB Answer Bot 2021년 8월 20일
I am begginer in simulink and stateflow. I was trying out the security example . Clear documentation about this is missing to understand each step.


Ryan G
Ryan G 2013년 10월 14일
I would start with the Simulink examples on the product page. There's also the intro to simulink webinar in the webinar sections. Take some time to first understand Simulink before moving to stateflow.
For stateflow, there are similar getting started videos on the product page that should help you learn.
Once you've watched the videos, it will make following examples easier. The difficulty with Simulink and Stateflow written examples is the nature of graphical modeling. It's tough to illustrate how you get from A to B to C without the help of video, but there are better examples if you search through these sites.

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