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'importTensorFlowLayers' does not support 'tf.keras.​layers.Nor​malization​'

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Sangmin Lee
Sangmin Lee 2021년 8월 13일
답변: Bhuvanyu Dogra 2021년 8월 17일
I am using the latest relase version of Matlab, and I think 'importTensorFlowLayer's does not support 'tf.keras.layers.Normalization'.
'tf.keras.layers.Normalization' layer remembers mean and variance in its layer to nomralize input data. Do you have a plan to support this layer, or how can I replace this layer to work in Matlab?


Bhuvanyu Dogra
Bhuvanyu Dogra 2021년 8월 17일
It is my understanding that you are looking for alternatives of the layer 'tf.keras.layers.Normalization' in MATLAB R2021a.
'layerNormalizationLayer' or 'batchNormalizationLayer' can serve as alternatives as they provide normalization across all channels or individual channels. Moreover, 'batchNormalizationLayer' has the ability to use mean or variance for prediction.
For more information, refer to the following documentation:
  1. layerNormalizationLayer:
  2. batchNormalizationLayer:
For more information on the TensorFlow-Keras layers supported in MATLAB using 'importTensorFlowLayers', refer to the following documentation:




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