Download files from https server using username and password

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sermet OGUTCU
sermet OGUTCU 2021년 8월 12일
댓글: sermet OGUTCU 2021년 10월 4일
url = '';
In this https server, I need to download "cod09710.eph.Z" file for a specific location in my computer. How I can download this file using username and password related to this https server?

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Rik 2021년 8월 12일
You should be able to use websave. You can provide a username and password in weboptions:
ans =
weboptions with properties: CharacterEncoding: 'auto' UserAgent: 'MATLAB (R2021a) Update 4' Timeout: 5 Username: '' Password: '' KeyName: '' KeyValue: '' ContentType: 'auto' ContentReader: [] MediaType: 'auto' RequestMethod: 'auto' ArrayFormat: 'csv' HeaderFields: [] CertificateFilename: 'default'
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sermet OGUTCU
sermet OGUTCU 2021년 10월 4일
Dear @Andre,
I use GAMP II open source software for downloading from the CDDIS. You can run GAMP II independently or using MATLAB.

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng 2021년 8월 12일
Try this:
username = 'Your username here';
password = 'Your password here';
authStr = [username ':' password];
base64Str = ['Basic '];
headers = {'Authorization': base64Str};
options = weboptions('HeaderFields',headers);
webread('', options)
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sermet OGUTCU
sermet OGUTCU 2021년 8월 12일
Dear Yongjian, thank you for your further explanations.

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