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Stacking Multiple 2D plots in one 3D plot

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Amir Hosein Shokouhy
Amir Hosein Shokouhy 2021년 8월 9일
댓글: Amir Hosein Shokouhy 2021년 8월 10일
I have 14 two dimensional plots and I want to show them all in a 3D plot like this:
I can plot the 14 plots in the same 2d plot but I want to have an offset between them and plot them in a 3d plot.
for i=1:size(nw,1)
h_FDD_dB(i) = plot(f_FDD,pow2db(SV_FDD{i,1}),'DisplayName',['SV1, No. of windows: ',num2str(i)]);
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)');
ylabel('Singular Value (Power Spectral Density)(dB)');
title('Singular Values of the SD Matrix')
xlim([0 60])
hold on
grid on
nw = 1:1:14;
and f_FDD & SV_FDD{i,1} are 65537*1 vectors.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2021년 8월 9일
Check out the following resources. If you get stuck implementing a solution, share your updated code and we can help you get unstuck.
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Amir Hosein Shokouhy
Amir Hosein Shokouhy 2021년 8월 10일
I'll give it a try, thanks again Adam!

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